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HAACP Facility

Vancouver - South

8811 Laurel St - 1st Floor

8811 Laurel Street is Western Canada’s exclusive shared-use Hazard and Critical Control Points (HACCP) facility. It’s the gateway to major retailers like Safeway, Loblaws, and Costco that demand rigorous HACCP certification.

Strategically located, this facility offers a vital advantage for businesses, granting access to retail giants that prioritize safety and quality. It’s a commitment to excellence in food production and processing, providing a well-equipped, versatile environment for emerging and established businesses.

8811 Laurel Street is the pioneering choice for businesses seeking to elevate their operations within the food industry through shared HACCP facilities. It unlocks access to major retailers, upholding the highest food safety and quality standards, expanding market presence, and bolstering success.

The following services and amenities are included for all of our members at the HAACP facility

Kitchen Equipment

  • Convection Ovens
  • Double Low Burners
  • Flat Top Grill
  • 6 Burner Ranges
  • Fryers
  • Steamer
  • Walk-in Freezer
  • Walk-in Cooler
  • Dishwasher

Kitchen Features and Included Services

Cleaning Supplies


Oil Disposal

Equipment Maintenance

Security Cameras

Rag Service

Waste Disposal


Greywater Dumping


Pest Control

24 Hour Access

Online Booking

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Your Culinary Dream, Your Way!

At our HACCP facility, customization is our specialty. Contact us now to design the perfect culinary space for your unique vision.


8811 Laurel St - 1st Floor

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