Commissary Connect

Vancouver’s Largest Commercial Kitchen

401 Industrial Ave.

Commissary Connect at 401 Industrial Avenue is the first of a network of commercial kitchens designed and built to provide the highest level of success for local food producer and vendor startups.

Each kitchen is built as a shared resource that provides structure and support for a newly established food business. With large brightly lit workspaces, brand new equipment, and ample cold and dry storage Commissary Connect kitchens strive to provide the best work environments for the most reasonable rental rates.

With state-of-the-art software each kitchen is able to bill per use at each of its facilities and allow drop-ins at the closest available kitchen for travelling caterers and vendors.

With the added services of in-house book-keeping and accounting, sales strategy sessions and networking opportunities; the model is one committed to the success of its tenants.

About Us


Connecting local food producers has always been Commissary Connect’s core competency. Whether that be connecting local food producers to each other through shared use cooking facilities, to their suppliers through a network of farmer organizations or to their markets through relationship building with wholesalers and retailers. Commissary Connect is committed to providing the highest level of success to its members by using innovation and efficiency to make their products more accessible and more affordable to a wider market.


Commissary Connect is to be a leader in the local food community by creating powerful food incubators throughout BC that nurture growth and promote local food producers and manufacturers in their local area which in turn will increase sustainability and green jobs throughout BC.

Providing Facility

  • 4500 sqft of Kitchen Space
  • Open 24/7
  • Designated Stations
  • Cooking Line Scheduling Software
  • Convection ovens
  • Stove Tops – open flame
  • Conventional ovens
  • Stock pots
  • Industrial mixers
  • Over 500 sq.ft of Cold Storage
  • Ample Prep sinks
  • Industrial Dishwasher

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