Step 2: Review Your Kitchen

Fraser Valley Food Hub


2570 Cyril Street

The Fraser Valley Artisans Food Hub is a vital part of the BC Food Hub Network, offering a top-notch kitchen with essential equipment. It’s a hub for collaboration and innovation, empowering food artisans to create and grow. Join us in celebrating the culinary talent of the Fraser Valley region.


Kitchen Features and Included Services

Cleaning Supplies


Oil Disposal

Equipment Maintenance

Security Cameras

Rag Service

Waste Disposal


Greywater Dumping


Pest Control

24 Hour Access

Online Booking

Step 3: Contact Us

Crafting Your Culinary Vision, Uniquely Yours!

Customization is at the heart of Fraser Valley Food Hub. Reach out to us today to create the ideal culinary space that reflects your unique vision.


2570 Cyril Street

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