Commissary Connect is all about helping local food thrive. We offer customized access to facilities, core equipment and hands on training and expertise. Our members become part of a connected, entrepreneurial community. We continually innovate to leverage our technology platform to create efficiencies across all business areas. We see our platform enabling a networked system across British Columbia of food processors, primary producers and associated food businesses truly enhancing the BC agri-food and food sector.


We are now taking our technology platform to the next level by developing a supply chain module. The aim is to use technology to track purchasing patterns and trends in ways that will identify opportunities to streamline procurement, logistics and financial transactions. The first phase of the supply chain module is focused on connecting small food processors with BC farmers and primary producers.


Commissary Connect is working with food systems partners to leverage already existing local platforms and networks to facilitate connections between producers and processors. We are partnering FoodMesh. FoodMesh are a business to business, self-serve online, platform that connects food processors, manufacturers and distributors with charities, non-profits and any business in the food industry – helping businesses make use of food that would otherwise go to waste.

Through this new extension of our business offering and the benefits of partnering with FoodMesh, Commissary Connect is committed to unlocking huge potential for economies of scale, cost savings, and business development across the agri-food and agri-based product sectors in BC. Benefits include:

For more information, please contact:

Alexa Pitoulis

Supply Chain Project Manager
Mobile: 778-883-2599

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