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Get to know team Planted Meals!

How was the idea for your business born?

  •  Natalie: Corbin and I met through cycling. I had switched to a plant-based diet and started making snacks and hosting dinners for our cycling club. 
  • Corbin: My wife and I had been looking to switch to a plant-based diet but didn’t know how, but Natalie showed us it wasn’t that hard. As someone who works a lot and couldn’t be bothered to cook, I saw the need for a super convenient plant-based meal service that was also affordable. With my business background and Natalie’s cooking, I figured we could feed Vancouver!
  • Michael: I had been looking to start a business and had worked with Corbin in the past at Cactus Club Cafe, so when Corbin proposed this idea I jumped right in. I’m not vegan, I knew nothing about vegan food but I love food and was ready to work hard – sometimes that’s all you need! 


What has been the hardest part about being an entrepreneur, and what is the best part?

  • Natalie: The hardest thing has been shifting my mindset from one of an employee to one of an entrepreneur. I’ve always been a very task-oriented person without giving much thought to the big picture. The best thing has been becoming so much more self-aware – I have to explore other parts of my personality, recognize weaknesses and strengths, and learn to work within those!
  • Corbin: The hardest thing has been finding enough good people to build your team. The best thing has been finding new problems to solve and the feeling when we win. I also love meeting new people.
  • Michael: Everything is unknown. The best thing is you’re always breaking down walls and moving to the next stage. 

What is your favorite restaurant in Vancouver

  • Natalie: That’s a really tough one, but I frequent Panz Veggie on Fraser a lot! She makes a lot of my favourite Chinese dishes but vegan, and still super tasty. Virtuous Pie is also amazing, completely revamping the pizza and vegan scene at the same time.
  • Corbin: I don’t think I have one.
  • Michael: South Castle – it’s a Korean restaurant in North Vancouver.  


What would be one food you would want with you if your were stranded on a desert island?

  • Natalie: While probably not the most practical for a hot desert island, I’d love a ramen with all the toppings including tofu karaage, and end with some ice cream and mochi. All vegan of course!
  • Corbin: Fried rice, or seasoned beans and rice. I like neutral food.


What was the first meal you learned to cook?

  • Natalie: Instant noodles, but my mom would make me cook the noodles separately, drain and rinse them, make a soup out of miso paste, add some bok choy and frozen beef balls, and THEN add the noodles back in.
  • Michael: Ramen.
  • Corbin: Mac + cheese (KD style) 

Best dinner you have ever had? 

  • Michael: When I was in Grade 4 (living in Korea), my mom took my sister and I to korean bbq. I don’t know why but to this day, I still remember how good it was.
  • Corbin: The dinner at my wedding. I taste food emotionally – it was a good day. 


Who inspires you the most? 

  • Natalie: Maybe I spend too much time with them but I look up to Corbin and Mike. I’ve never met two more hard-working individuals – and not just in their professional work, but in their hobbies, passions, families and life in general.
  • Michael: Anyone who is willing to put in time and willingness to grind – those kind of people will solve problems without any complaints.
  • Corbin: My dad and my mom. They both have worked so hard and established their careers. Elon Musk is also a good one. 


Top success from 2019? 

  • Breaking 1000 meals produced in one weekend and consistently retaining customers
  • Getting into our first retail chain, BEC 
  • Customers continually rave about our food 
  • Getting into No Frills on Broadway 
  • Establishing relationships with other companies like Body Energy Club, Spent Grounds, and Juice Truck 
  • Grow our part-time staff to 20 people, including one full time 

Create a program/system for us to track orders, output orders 


What are your goals for 2020? 

  • Double our current revenue 
  • Add new lines for our existing service, like healthy snacks and breakfast options 
  • Create consumer packaged goods that can be sold in large grocery stores
  • Create a resource for plant-based living

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