All of our members get access to these resources:

Food Carts

Only Commissary Connect members have access to use our food cart with street vending permit. We have four premium locations available to our members: Robson Square, Granville and Georgia, Hornby and Georgia, as well as Dunsmir and Hornby. Or rent the cart for use at a private catering event.

Pop-Up Retail & Café Space

Do you desire to have your own retail space or café storefront? Commissary Connect’s pop-up space allows you to make this a reality. This space is available on daily, monthly, or yearly leasing terms.

Included Services

  • 24/7 access to our facilities and equipment​

  • Patented shared-use technology for booking and billing​

  • Business advisory

  • Product development services​

Our Locations

BC Food Hub

HACCP Production Facility

8811 Laurel Street is home to the only shared-use Hazard and Critical Control Points (HACCP) facility in Western Canada. This facility allows you to sell to major retailers that require a HACCP certification, such as Safeway, Loblaws, and Costco.

BC Food Hub

Entry Level Kitchen

Laurel Street's entry level kitchen is a Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) approved facility. This kitchen has everything you need to start and scale your operations, such as a walk-in cooler, ranges, ovens, and low burners.

417 Industrial Avenue

Ideal for Bakers and Beverage Makers

Designed with bakers and confectionery makers in mind, the latest kitchen at Commissary Connect is specifically suited for lighter users. This location is unique as it also has a pop-up space available for rental by all members.

401 Industrial Avenue

Ideal for Caterers, Meal Prep,
& Food Trucks

This is Commissary Connect’s first kitchen to open and the place where many of our food entrepreneur success stories have originated. Since opening in 2012, this kitchen has been continually upgraded with new equipment to meet the increasing needs of our members.

The Commissary Gourmet

Ideal for Bakers, Meal Prep,
& Ghost Kitchens

The Lazy Gourmet and Commissary Connect have joined forces to create The Commissary Gourmet, a commissary kitchen and business accelerator for local entrepreneurs ready to scale their food businesses. This site is located in the heart of Kitsilano. Bright and spacious, this iconic site features everything you would expect out of a first-class kitchen.

* This is a connected facility.
You will be taken to their website.

Fraser Valley Artisans Food Hub

Ideal for Food Processors,
Food Trucks, & Meal Prep

The Fraser Valley Artisans Food Hub is a Provincial Food Hub and connected into the BC Food Hub Network. The kitchen is fully equipped with brand new ranges, fryers, flat top and steam kettles . If you’d like more information, please click on the button below.

* This is a connected facility.
You will be taken to their website.

Richmond Shared-Use Kitchen

Coming Soon

Surrey Shared-Use Kitchen

Coming Soon

Coquitlam Shared-Use Kitchen

Coming Soon

If you want to build your own facility or connect an existing facility to the Commissary Connect Network

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