Alan – owner of Cookies of Course


Commissary Connect is radically changing the way food companies go to market.


The heart of Commissary Connect.

Our patent pending technology supports all kitchen operations. This means:

  • Pay per use appliances to reduce your monthly fixed costs
  • Online scheduling and booking to maximize your efficiency in the kitchen
  • Real-time understanding of your usage to track trends and monitor employee start times
  • Itemized monthly invoices to support your bookkeeping needs
  • Easy to change door locks, entry logs and cameras for enhanced security
  • Distribution and Supply Chain streamlining and support
  • Traceability and temperature monitoring

Our tech team continues to innovate to make our facilities more efficient and easier to use every day. These efficiencies are often the newest in the market and are designed to keep costs as low as possible for our members. Commissary Connect’s proprietary technology creates a platform for all facilities to network throughout BC. Grow your food processing business by utilizing the equipment and facilities throughout the province – controlling it from one place.  The data collected enhances understanding of your business. Book a Tour!


Need help getting on the shelf?

All of our members have two things in common: the desire to succeed and the need to get their products into customer’s hands. For this reason, we have forged relationships with farmer’s and other markets, on-line retailers, independent shops, local chains and national food sellers for our members to take advantage of.  Some highlights:

  • CEOs, senior buyers, and other retailer representatives meet with us and tour our facility – we take that opportunity to lobby for small producers and make introductions to our members
  • Our food-safe and health approved kitchens ensure you can confidently promote your business to any seller
  • Founding member of the Street Food Association
  • Our members meet with retailers within our kitchen as they are confident in food safe environment.
  • A pop-up space, food truck, and Commissary Connect sponsored events
  • Scholarships to entrepreneur development opportunities

In our collaborative environment you will often find members coaching each other, offering stories of successes or “Watch out!”  and sharing contacts.


Need help getting your supplies?

Commissary Connect supports and encourages our network of entrepreneurs to work together, collate supply chains, enhance logistics and build relationships with suppliers to create new opportunities for lower prices and increased variety. We continue to boost our offerings and here are some highlights to date:

As more Commissary Connect facilities and members join our ever increasing network, purchasing power and opportunities will continue to grow!


Take to the Streets.

Commissary Connect is the only shared kitchen space with the ability to gain street-side exposure for your products on a daily basis basis. The Commissary Connect Food Cart is an innovative way to sell your products at several locations in downtown Vancouver.  Avoid the high cost and commitment of having a insured food cart and a license. Our innovative model works with the City of Vancouver and Vancouver Coastal Health to fast track your local products to quick city-wide exposure.



Try something new.

One of the newest benefits to Commissary Connect members is the ability to rent the our pop-up space. Nestled in a foodie hot spot on Industrial Avenue, the pop-location allows our members to open a short-term retail front, host a pop-up dinner, teach classes or create an indoor marketplace.  Commissary Connect is proud to introduce this innovation to Vancouver just minutes from the downtown core and a 5-minute walk from the Main St Science World SkyTrain station.