Frequently Asked Questions

When you come into the kitchen for a tour, expect questions from us! We are genuinely curious about you, your business, and what we can do to assist you to start and grow it.  

Every entrepreneur is unique and we want to address your specific queries and current challenges, but here are some questions that we hear often to get you started.

No two businesses are alike. We customize a package for each member. We have the most flexibility in the industry with our “Pay For What You Use” philosophy and technology, saving you money!

Pricing fits your business – not the other way around. To learn more about how we are best suited to help your business succeed, have a chat with us or come in for a tour.

You will have 24/7 access to the kitchen and a dedicated workstation (which you can choose to share to reduce costs) with a prep table, dry storage in the station and your own designated cold storage. You have access to multiple sinks and shared work tables. We have remote online booking and scheduling of equipment, so you’re never waiting around for equipment. WiFi, mop and rag service, chemical sanitizing dishwasher, basic kitchen consumables.

We provide the storage space and heavy equipment, you bring everything else – knives, bowls, blenders, whisks, hotel pans, and the specific tools required to process your food.

Yes, in Vancouver, Vancouver Coastal Health will review your food safety plan, and then come in to inspect you in place in the kitchen. You interact directly with the inspector. The local health authority has inspected our kitchens 100s of times over the years – and know we have everything in place from a facility point of view to meet their requirements. 


While a 12 month contract is the most cost effective, you can sign up for a six months, three months or month-to-month plans. We also have drop in rates available. Book a Kitchen Tour.

You need an inspection from the local health authority, liability insurance, a food safe certificate, and a fully refundable damage deposit. We will walk you through all the details during a tour and follow-up communication. Book a Kitchen Tour.

In general, we suggest you sign up soon.  That gives you time to get your food safety plan completed and schedule an appointment for an inspection.  We are flexible in start dates, and terms – so ask when you are touring to see what options are available.

We have a scheduling system that you can access remotely to check availability on your required appliances. Prior to signing a contract we will walk through your needs and ensure we have the capacity to welcome you. Then we book reoccurring appointments on the equipment so you can set your production schedule. Have a big order or a wedding or going on vacation? You can check on-line and book or adjust what you need. Book a Kitchen Tour.


Our Business is Your Success! If you outgrow a package and need more space, time, or appliance use – just let us know and we will work with you to find the most cost effective way to grow. This can include scaling you up to our new HACCP-ready shared use facility – one of the first of its kind in Canada! Book a Kitchen Tour.

Commissary Connect pioneered the add-on services you’ll need to succeed – and we continue to look for ways to improve. Our kitchens are supported by experienced business people and food entrepreneurs, and we can connect you to the right places. Your success is our success.

Examples of just some of innovations include: a fully licenced Commissary Connect food cart with a downtown permit at Robson Square, and our indoor market / pop-up space in a high traffic foodie destination.

We work tirelessly to connect you to
all resources needed to succeed.

Read more about our innovations in supply chain, distribution and technology.
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Commissary Connect enables entrepreneurs to take a chance on your passion and food business without risking your future. No five year lease or expensive leasehold improvements – we have terms that work for you. The food industry is hard work – and sometimes despite all your efforts, you don’t meet your goals. Keep the communication lines open and we will work through that with you.


If you are struggling for direction, need operational advice, or connections – that’s what we are here for. We are in the kitchen regularly checking in and will give you best advice based on our team’s extensive business experience.

We help you find success on your terms – if you only need our space for a short period, or have a specific goal in mind, communicate that with us. If its your business goal, its ours too. Helping you transition into a retail store front or a co-manufacturing facility means we helped you reach a goal and grow business! Don’t forget that we have a food cart and pop-up space for rent also – try it out before locking yourself into a long-term lease or an expensive food cart.
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We have been in business for TEN years with a proven track record of helping food businesses attain their goals. We are the most recognized and respected shared-use food processing facility in Western Canada. We don’t have corporate offices or unused space within our kitchens – every square inch goes towards food production. Our patented shared-use technology minimizes overhead by allocating cost correctly to those using the services. We also don’t have unnecessary expenses, and work with our vendors to provide the fairest prices possible.

In short, the more members we have and kitchens we network, the easier it is to have low prices.

If you can fit it in your station (well, except the food truck!) and it doesn’t draw too much power, yes. Let’s talk about it.
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You’ve got a business plan, you’ve got a passion and you’re ready to put in the work with our support. Our kitchens boast both long-standing and start-up entrepreneurs sharing triumphs and challenges. Our philosophy avoiding competing businesses makes the community inclusive and inviting to any business.
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  • Mission: Connecting local food with success through technology, community, support and resources.  Fuel dreams from inception to commercialization.
  • Vision: Feed our communities with local, vibrant food and innovative producers.
  • Values:
    • Transparent
    • Fair
    • Community Builder
    • Innovative in Food Development and Technology
    • Green and Sustainable
    • Friendly yet Professional

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